Object Number 29

Object Name: English/French Dictionary
Accessioned: 1997
Donor: gift
Notes: Passed down through the members of my family

Comments: This may be a brief one, as it does what it says on the tin. A truly tiny dictionary that has made it’s way through our family over many years. Originally owned by my mother, then my uncle, my sister and finally to me once I began secondary school. Unfortunately it would appear that I claimed it for myself a few years in advance and scrawled my name all over it! It is a battered little volume that shows it’s years of usefulness well. I adore the very useful language it offers, on automobiles and photographic terms.

I have a penchant for older books so this miniature volume sits nicely amongst the old, faded volumes I have the habit of collecting. Like other publishers I have come across, I have not found much information on the publishers Burgess & Bowes LTD. Given how much we have been watching Poirot recently, however, it makes me smile that it was printed in Belgium.

I did make amends for defacing this little volume by buying my mother a new version, as they are readily available online these days.

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