Object Number 27

Jewellery BoxObject Name: Metal jewellery box
Accessioned: circa 2004
Donor: purchase
De-accessioned: April 2013

Comments: This is the first in a new strand of objects that I have chosen to catalogue and then give away. The box in question is a retrospective entry as I gave it away in April this year when I was preparing to move. I bought it almost a decade ago, I think, in a charity shop in Dublin. At the time I was not making a lot of money, but working in retail I was in and out of the city centre during the day at some of the best times to pick up items in charity and thrift shops. My life was filled with an assortment of second hand clothing, objects and items I bought in work on a discount,

It was a remarkably heavy item and for its size did not hold much, but I have always like miniatures which is what drew me to it. It also is such an over-the-top Regency-esque design it appealed to me on many levels.

Treasures insideOver the years it housed little treasures, as you can see above, mostly jewellery I keep for sentimental reasons. Given that such items could live in a much smaller box the silver boxes extravagant foot print had to go. Hopefully it is living out its days much appreciated and perhaps more highly polished.