Object Number 5

Object Name: Attenti ai Gatti Plaque
Accessioned: 2009
Donor: gift
Notes: An Italian ceramic plaque “Beware of the Cats”

Comments: While holidaying in Italy my father bought me this very adapt plaque. As the proud owner of two black and white cats this serves an important role. A lot of effort went into making sure it stated the plural. I hope that I will always have the honour of sharing my life with cats. Somewhat reminiscent of Hugh Leonard, Rover and Other Cats.

Object Number 4

Object Name: Wooden Tulips
Accessioned: 2007
Donor: gift
Notes: Four wooden tulips from Holland

Comments: The first bouquet of fresh flowers bought for me ever came from the local Tesco. My reaction was so heart felt that the giver felt compelled to allow me to feel like that more often. When visiting Holland he bought me these flowers. When these flowers start to wilt he will buy me some more.
I now have some real tulips blossoming in my front garden. In a world where property and hedge fund bubbles burst and have left a lot of people aghast the idea of the ‘Tulip Bubble’ seems like it could have happened along with it. It is something that tickles me in a dark way, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds.

Object Number 3

Object Name: Coke Vanille Bottle
Accessioned: circa 1999
Donor: gift
Notes: Canadian Coca Cola bottle filled with Irish pennies

Comments: The bottle of vanilla coke was brought back from Canada by my brother along with the usual assortment of sweets. At the time the new European wide currency was going to be launched in about 2 years. Due to a strange obsession with The Beatles and their song Penny Lane I decided to collect as many Irish pennies as a I could before they came out of circulation. I was also trying to find a penny from the year I was born, which I finally found. Over ten years later I am unsure what to do with this bottle and it’s contents. It does make a damn good bookend. One has to wonder if this is a ‘good’ use of metal. Should this be handed back into the Irish Central Bank, cashed in for Euros and allowed to be recycled? Suggestions are always welcome.

Object Number 2

Object Name: Mahmoud Farshchian Album No. 1
Accessioned: January 2010
Donor: gift
Notes: Translator: Emami, Karim. Publisher: Negar Publishers, Iran.

Comments: This book came into my life in a very round about way. A pair of my friends moved into an apartment in 2006. On the first day they moved in they found that the previous tenants had left behind a lot of books. Medical text books, and a skeleton. The previous occupants where a pair of Iranian medical students. They also left behind this book that is now counted amongst my books. It is a book of artworks by the Iranian artist Mahmoud Farshchian. It is full of beautiful, eastern, ornate images of people and nature. The book is over 50cm high and 36cm wide. The size of the book and the pearlised pages imbue me with a sense of awe that makes me fall in love with illustration all over again. My friend gave me this book for my birthday this year. I might treat myself to this soon: Selected Paintings of Mahmoud Farshchian.