Object Number 21

Object Name: Silver Doc Martins
Accessioned: 2011
Donor: purchase
Notes: To add to my growing collection of Docs

Comments: Not huge amount to say about these bad boys. As you may have gathered from previous posts, I love me some Doc Martins – velvet or otherwise. These ones were decidedly easier to procure than their velvet companions, being advertised in Schuh on O’Connell Street on a giant two story high poster.
Recently I was back in my old college and it was brought home to me how associated I am with my boots. An old lecturer exclaimed “Where are your big boots?!” as I was wearing a very girly pair of ballet pumps. The truth was that I’m now worried about wearing out my different pairs of treasured boots. I rarely wear my velvet ones (what if they got wet?!) and my gold (not pictured) and these silver ones are starting to rub so the metallic finish is coming off. I know I can’t have these boots forever and I’ll get over that – but will I still be me if I had none of these foot adornments? I shudder to think what the answer is…