Object Number 22

Object Name: Goggles
Accessioned: 2008
Donor: purchase
Notes: vintage goggle to complete any steampunk look

Comments: As someone who has been a goth since my early teens there was bound to be an evolution into a slightly less over the top style eventually. I wouldn’t really class myself as a steampunk, but the other half has a distinct penchant for all things of this nature. For those of you who might not have come across this phenomena before, steampunk is a fashion based on a form of alternative science fiction. It drew a lot of of its inspiration from a book titled The Difference Engine by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. It is an alternative history in which all technology is still based on steam power and engines rather than being overtaken by petro-chemicals, largely predicated on the fact that in this book Charles Babbage actually built his analytical engine.

Mostly steampunk is a very beautiful form of design to me. I am a fan of classical design shapes but wouldn’t like to live my life surrounded by antiques – I’m far too clumsy for that. Steampunk uses classic Victorian and Edwardian styles with a modern twist and this appeals to me greatly. I bought these goggles to add to my more dressed up outfits. Technically these appear to be vintage welding goggles and are made out of a Bakelite type plastic. The tinted glass is removable and the adjustable parts of the straps are made from leather. A nice piece of industrial history, and given their good condition – never used!