Object Number 30

Triang doll houseObject Name: Triang doll house
Accessioned: 2012
Donor: purchase
Notes: Found in a charity shop

Comments: I have alluded to my love to dolls before, and it is not limited to 1:6 scale ones either. When I spotted this house, looking rather dusty in a charity shop, I had to have it. All for the princely sum of 15 euro. It is the same model of house which belonged to my aunt, the aunt of Rupert fame. Her doll house was in my grandmother’s house, and I would be allowed to play with it when I visited. Before a trip I would often go to a department store in Carlow, Darrers, to buy some new furniture to add to the collection between its four little wooden walls.

There are very few things in life that delight me as much as miniatures. Much like the comedian Bill Bailey, I think there is something magical and other-worldly in holding a tiny version of something, like imagining yourself as a giant. Another part of it is marvelling at the construction of something that small, the details, or even the loss of details, but retaining enough to keep it recognisable. The furniture that came with it is just as wonderful to look at. Made by a Czech company called Tofa, they are simple wooden pieces in a very fashionable mid-century style. As you slide open the wooden panels at the front, the three rooms are revealed, almost like a small Irish cottage in its proportions.

Doll house interiorSo it sits on a shelf in my hall way, so far up that often visitors don’t notice it. It is a reminder of all those happy hours spent playing at the kitchen table, or on the rug in front of the fire. These tiny rooms make me smile, as if there is still the possibility of thousands more stories to be told and acted out by small hands.