Object Number 24

Object Name: Pair of baby bracelets
Accessioned: 1985
Donor: gift
Notes: one gold and one silver baby bracelets

Comments: Baby bracelets aren’t an unusual item, I presume. A quick look online and them seem very popular as a baby gift. As you can tell from the photograph, I don’t occupy my spare time polishing them. As far as I can recall, both of my god parents presented me with these as christening gift.

I find these an odd pair of objects to keep as I have no personal memories attached to them as they are truly tiny. All I can do is marvel at how small I must have been once for these to fit me (although as a child I had quite chunky arms…). Both have little plates ready for inscription, with one blank. Unless I was to have children of my own, or name a daughter after myself, what will I ever do with these? It seems like there are many traditions around the world about the significance of jewellery on children, linked with good fortunes and warding off evil. When does one “grow out” of these though, and must you hold onto them forever? I have no inclination to get rid of them but as an object I don’t remember wearing let alone receiving, they are a funny form of tangible memory I have been given by my god parents.

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