Object Number 25

Object Name: Halo figurine
Accessioned: 2006
Donor: gift
Notes: some accessories not shown…

Comments: Now, I am not a Halo player or a fan. I am, however, a big fan of the web series Red vs Blue. If you have never seen it, I’m not going to give you all the back ground just because Wikipedia does a better job of it. Basically it is a parody of first person shooters and is “filmed” in Halo and its sequels. There are a few main characters, one of which is the “fool” – Caboose. He is by far and away my favourite character as his innocence is just adorable. So there are no Red vs Blue figurines, but there are Halo ones. So my boyfriend of the time gave me this as my very own Caboose. Although he doesn’t say some of my favourite Caboose lines such as “I call it naptime! After that comes food time. Then comes food-nap time! Which is my favourite time of all!”, he still has pride of place.

He was only recently de-boxed (yes I can be a “Mint in Box” kind of collector) as the box just fell apart. He has lived on a few walls and he fell off one to many times. Of course now I just worry about losing his extra accessories…

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