Object Number 9

Object Name: Woolly Mammoth Worry Doll
Accessioned: 2010
Donor: gift
Notes: Sent from Chicago in a box of wonders from a good friend.

Comments: For awhile I worked with a truly amazing group of people. The five of us all got along so well, and worked together very well. It was one of those work dynamics that you might only be lucky enough to have once or twice in your life. Last year one of our troupe headed off to the distant shores in the U.S.A. to live in Chicago. Early this year she sent us a ‘box of wonders’, mostly from the Field Museum in Chicago. We all got a little gift and mine was our little pipe-cleaner friend you see here. Seeing as I have been studying part time she sent me this little fellow to help me through the more stressful times.
The little blurb on the back says it all:
“Let the Field Museum’s exclusive Woolly Mammoth Worry Doll trample your troubles away! … With animals this big, your worries don’t stand a chance!”

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