In 100 years time when my possible descendants sift through the physical remnants of my life, what will be left? For those who never knew me, what will they infer about me from the belongings that survive me. These are the objects that I hope will be passed on and live on long past the point that I am gone. These are the objects that mean something to me. I am embracing material culture, and defining myself by my earthly belongings.

This the brief I set myself when I started this project. Over the past few years there have been many interruptions and interludes and now that I come back to it in late 2013 I find that the brief will eventually exhaust itself, or at the very least become repetitive. In recent times I have had to contract my collections as I moved into a smaller space. Reflecting on this change, and how it is in many ways anathema to my collecting predilection, I will now catalogue the items I chose to give away, sell or otherwise set free. In that way they will still remain mine whilst also going on to live a larger social life.


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